The NY Audio Show: The Wrap

This is exactly how you get more people involved in hi-fi (from the Audio Arts room)

I would call the NY Audio Show a great success by near any standard. The New York Palace Hotel was crowded with show goers of all ages, sexes, shapes, and sizes. There was plenty to see and hear, I would say the rooms generally sounded just fine, and there were many interesting and informative seminars to take part in. Apparently not everyone feels that there are too many hi-fi shows, least of all the many attendees, which should come as good news to the business interests.

Of course computer audio was in most rooms typically along with a turntable which is how it should be, at least in my opinion. DSD was in more rooms than I've seen at previous shows which makes sense seeing as there are many more DSD-capable devices out and about these days. And this was the necessary first step. Now we need more content providers to step up to the plate giving us access to a wider selection of DSD downloads. I'd say it's only a matter of time.

My friend and colleague Stephen Mejias already beat me to this punch with his post Fathers and Sons but I had this same thought in mind as I sat in the Audio Arts room behind a father and son. My father was an audiophile and our shared interest in listening to music on the hi-fi was one bond that kept us in touch.

I've read and heard my fair share of people wondering how we can get more people interested in our hobby. And I have to say I've never heard one idea that holds a candle to the power of sharing our enjoyment with others. The hi-fi hobby will always be around in one form or another because music ain't goin' nowhere and there will always be people who care about the quality of their listening experience.