NY Audio & AV Show 2012!

The NY Audio & AV Show is kicking off next Friday, April 13th at 3:00pm (EST) at the swanky Waldorf=Astoria (I was going to say "ritzy" but that may have caused some confusion). Gentlemen, start your engines. The Show will run the course of the weekend, going until 8:00pm on Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

AudioStream readers and computer audio enthusiasts will not want to miss the seminar titled: I Want To Take You Higher – The Present and Future of Digital Music Delivery and Playback which will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm - 3pm. Yours truly will be moderating on Saturday and David Chesky will handle those duties on Sunday. Panelists include Rob Robinson (Channel D), Larry Ho (Light Harmonic), David Chesky (HDtracks & Chesky Records), and Andreas Koch (Playback Designs).

the Bull and Bear Bar at the Waldorf c.1935 when only men were allowed. Hopefully unlike an audio show c.2012

During Saturday's seminar we'll be wrestling live alligators, sawing audiophiles in half, guessing people's weight, fire breathing, knive thr...O wait, that's another seminar. The Present and Future of Digital Music Delivery and Playback leaves us a fairly wide berth and I'm hoping the audience helps chart the course. I'm certainly looking forward to a conversation with these accomplished and knowledgeable panelists.

See you at the Waldorf!