Concert Livestreaming

An interesting bit of info recently crossed my desk, from a site called ‘’ I’m rather surprised I’ve never heard of them before, since they seem to be addressing a market I’ve long wondered about the feasibility of: Live performance streaming. NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts on Youtube have long been a big launch point for smaller artists, and somewhat ironically live performances are now the primary money makers for most working musicians not lucky enough to be chosen by the pop machine that churns out and Arianna Grande and Cardi B singles. is essentially a streaming service which focuses on live concert recordings and livestreams. They claim access to over 15,000 performances, a higher payout than spotify by about 3X, and a hifi tier, though they don’t specify what ‘hifi’ means, I assume it to be at least 16/44.1. They also offer mp3s, Live CDs, vinyl and all the other physical and digital hardformats that have quickly become merchandise, rather than listening sources.

Furthermore, if you have a ticket for a concert that is within the nugs network - so far they advertise partnerships with Warner and Sony Music Groups, as well as Third Man Records - you can get access to exclusive content, fan pages, etc.

Essentially this seems to be a very powerful tool for the interested live music enthusiast to have access to high quality live content. I’ll be interested to see how good the video and audio quality from these places is, as they will likely have stiff competition from the likes of Youtube. That said, there’s no other service I’m aware of that specifically caters to live recordings packaged in an easily digestible and navigable way like a streaming service. I suspect we will see more of this kind of thing going forward, and the more ways working musicians can be supported in their livelihoods is always cool with me.