No CES, How You Doin'

My CES dance card is filling up with all kinds of new tricks and treats. I've received hundreds of emails and a bunch of phone calls mainly from companies selling stuff with lowercase "i"'s affixed to the beginning of their product names which I suppose makes them "computer" related even though 99% of the emails and phone calls I received have nothing to do with "audio" (mental note: next year do not provide my actual cell phone number when registering). So the real trick for covering CES is to stay focused on what's important. Seek out new trends, spot the next big thing, snap that photo of the as yet unseen, and perhaps if we're lucky come away with a long list of must-hear hot new gear.

That's why I'm looking forward to my date with Snooki.

New Orleans Saints On-The-Go Speakers (3.25" x 1.25" x 1.25")

The iHip line is mainly personal audio-based making this a prime target for Tyll and his Inner Fidelity. But I searched the iHip website and found the perfect reason to cover this event—the iHip NFL collection of speakers with "Hard hitting sound quality." The stereo pair are priced at $19.99 while the On-The-Go Speakers offer "Powerful digital audio clarity" for just $14.95.

NFL Team Logo Speakers - New York Giants (3.5" x 2" x 3.5")

I think this is a brilliant idea for a number of reasons the least of which being the propensity for some NFL fans, especially NY Giant fans and I speak from experience, to take out their frustrations on inanimate objects. And the iHip speakers look to be sized and priced just right.

By the way, former Giant linebacker Carl Banks will also be on hand at the iHip event so its really a no-brainer stop for any Jersey-boy. It’s a Situation!

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I just fist-pumped myself in the face.  Got a little too excited there.

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Go Big Blue!!

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(They also make a small one, a 28" model, for Stephen's apartment.)