Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Lawless

Thanks to my friend and colleague Stephen Mejias (again) for sending me this link this very morning. Lawless is a new film from John Hillcoat coming to theaters 31 August 2012. Adapted from the Matt Bondurant novel "The Wettest County In The World", featuring a screenplay written by Nick Cave, the more relevant news for us is Lawless also sports a soundtrack by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and these bad seeds, ex-Grindermen are joined by a host of heavies including Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Mark Lanegan, and Willie Nelson. I always knew Nick was a cowboy.

And thanks to the wonders of lossy, you can stream the whole thing right here and now.

Regor Ladan's picture

Sweet. Cave, Lanegan, Nelson, and Harris? Count me in.

Now lets hope for a FLAC download.

GarkM's picture

You have to hear Ralph Stanley singing the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat".  Thanks Michael and Stephen.