NHT's New SuperPower Coming Soon

The new NHT SuperPower powered mini-monitors ($199/each) are coming next month to the retail market and to AudioStream Central for review. Each SuperPower packs a 90 Watt amp, a 4.5” woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter in a desktop-friendly 9"H x 5.5"W x 6.75"D sealed box. One interesting SuperPower option, beyond those rugged looking 10 GA solid steel DeskStands ($59/pair), is the PVC PC ($99) passive volume control:
Rounding out NHT's ultimate desktop system supplies is the company's PVC PC - a passive volume control interface that puts a simple, reference caliber volume knob at the user's fingertips, and in the process isolates any computer-generated noise from the speakers. In addition, the PVC helps reduce the unwelcome sonic effects of software-based volume "dithering" effects and makes the addition of a Super 8 subwoofer even simpler.
This strikes me as a very user-and-music-friendly option for the reasons stated—dealing with the computer's noise at an arm's length from the speaker and making the volume control handy so people avoid using something like iTunes to control their volume which messes with sound quality (essentially if you use iTunes to adjust volume level you're throwing away musical information as you lower the level from the maximum setting).

The SuperPower is based on the NHT SuperZero and the NHT Professional M-00 active mini-monitor and comes in their standard high-gloss, black laminate finish. A promising package. Look for our review next month.