The New York Show 2016: Sights & (some) Sounds

New production mesh plate Type 50 triode (last produced in 1939) are the product of a joint venture between Robyatt Audio and Grant Audio. Limited to 250 pairs ($1275/pair)

Robyatt Audio and Oswalds Mill Audio with part of the Stereophile crew (read their show reports).

Bill Voss, US Business Development Manager for Technics, preparing to throw a discus at the always-good-sounding Technics system.

Alta Audio/Krell/Anticables spinning vinyl.

Sonner Audio/AMR/Hegel spinning vinyl.

Plinius Audio/Monitor Audio/Soulines spinning vinyl.

Hegel/Triangle/Soulines spinning vinyl with some look on longingly.

The Art of Sound featuring Sonus Faber, Oppo, Primare, Devialet, E.A.T., AudioQuest (cables, DragonFlys and other assorted bugs), and Pro-Ject spinning vinyl.

Mark Levinson/Martin Logan not spinning vinyl. This room was among my least favorite.

The Memory Player (get it?)

While that last shot was taken directly from my seat facing directly forward, the sound in the Laufer Technik/Orinda/Ubiq room with electronics from Behold was surprisingly good.

An audiophile action photo from the Bache Audio/Alexis Audio room spinning vinyl on a Brinkmann turntable.


The Prism Sound Callia DAC ($2750) paired with ATC SCM 40A active monitors made for some fine sound. I remain intrigued by the Callia, which was also on display on Floor 2 for head-fi'ers.

AVM Audio Video.

Bruno Putzeys Mola Mola beauties

A very nice sounding simple system from Mola Mola and YG Acoustics in the GTT Audio Room.

the Wolf Audio server

T+A electronics + Paradigm speakers.

Charney Audio's new Companion speakers come in two flavors; one featuring the Lowther DX55 driver ($5800), and the upper scale DX65 ($6400). I wrote about Brian Charney's system way back in 2005 which then featured the lovely Carfrae Little Big Horns.

the Veracity Audio DAC (from €5690)

This system featuring Sadurni Acoustics Miracoli speakers ($22,000/pair), Linear Tube Audio electronics (MZ2-S $1845, ZOTL40 $5800), the Veracity Audio DAC, Red Wolf Server ($8000) from Wolf Audio Systems with Audience cabling sounded like it could have sounded better.

The Chord DAVE paired with an Aurender N10 Music Server & Player in the Sound by Singer room.

Chebon Littlefield from Mytek.

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On Friday. Sorry I missed you Michael.