The New York Show 2016: Highlights

Kii Three Loudspeaker System ($13,900)

"You really like those?" I was asked by a colleague after being asked which rooms I enjoyed. While Bruno Putseys' Kii Three speakers were not sounding the best I've heard them sound, see my take from CES, I remain a fan. "Make the room go away" read my NY notes, after Bill Parish of GTT came in and turned the volume down a few clicks. I'd like to get my music into those Kii.

Electrocompaniet EC (think 'EZ') Living

I completely dug the 24/192-capable, DSP-endowed Electrocompaniet EC wireless and modular audio/video system ($1800/pair). And I dug them for a few reasons; they are very nicely made and aluminum clad, they are active with 150w Class A/B amplification, the EC app supports Tidal, Qobuz, WiMP, Spotify Connect, and Internet Radio, and they sound nice and fit and full.

You can start or stick with just one and spread them around home, as needed.

I also enjoyed my time in the Electrocompaniet room because Mikal Dreggevik, EC's Managing Director, is anything but a stuffed shirt and his enthusiasm for his products is infectious.

Tim Ryan of SimpliFi Audio was also on-hand in the EC room showing off the new DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 ($3990) which sits before your amp and speakers and offers the ability to:

"...eliminate harmonic distortion in the frequency domain and phase distortion in the time domain."
Pictured above are some of the setup screens that allow for on-the-fly customization to mate speaker to room to taste or measurement, your choice. Supports up to 24/192 and DSD via USB, comes with a "professional level calibration microphone", and supports fully automated subwoofer integration, one or more.

The Wes Bender Studio NYC/GamuT room was my favorite stop of the show for three reasons; Wes Bender (pictured standing front and center) knows how to talk to people like a normal person, the GamuT system sounded marvelous, and they were playing real music.

Bravo! (Secret Tip: offering people liquid refreshment, of any kind, is a really smart thing to do).