New from NAD

NAD was showing off their new line of small form factor gear. From left to right the D 1050 USB DAC ($499), D 3020 Digital DAC/Amp ($399), and the D 7050 Digital Network Receiver ($899). The 1050 asynchronous USB DAC can handle up to 24/192 data through USB, and also includes Coax, Toslink and AES/EBU inputs, balanced and single-ended outputs, and headphone out with volume control. The D 3020 combines a 30W/channel amplifier with an asynchronous USB 24/96-capable DAC, aptX Bluetooth for streaming music from your smartphone, a headphone amp, subwoofer out, and a remote. The D 7050 UPnP Network Receiver offers a 50W/channel amp, asynchronous USB input, Airplay, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and aptX Bluetooth. Wow.

These small but feature-packade products will hit the market Q2 2012.

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I dig it when a company embraces their heritage ( or seems to? ). Woulda been spooky if they included a good phono pre in the new one.

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Finally, an audiophile company building AirPlay into its devices. As someone who relies on Apple products for my whole-home audio needs, it's great to have something better than "hook up the jitterful Airport Express via TOSlink" option.

This has been a big gap in high-end audio, with so many companies imagining that I'll buy into their proprietary streaming standards rather than putting some engineering into making AirPlay sound its best (yes, I know, it's limited to 16/44.1 right now, but so are my 2000+ CDs).