New Managing Editor Announced For Innerfidelity And Audiostream Websites

Rafe Arnott (previously Creative Director for Part-Time Audiophile & The Occasional Magazine) appointed to drive the editorial vision for AVTech Media Americas’ iconic websites

"We are very excited about this appointment and the opportunity it presents for the growth of these connected websites. Headphone and computer audio enthusiasts can look forward to in-depth reviews from our regular contributors, supported by world-class test and measurement from industry veterans including ex-AES UK Chairman Keith Howard. We also believe the time has come for specialty audio to realize a broader audience, and Rafe will be driving our engagement with these media savvy consumers through innovative lifestyle features tied to an enhanced social campaign."

Paul Miller
Editorial Director AVTech Media Ltd/AVTech Media Americas Inc.
The Hi-Fi Show Live Organiser
President of EISA

"It's an honour and a privilege to be part of the outstanding group of journalists and support staff at AVTech Media who have decades of experience in delivering what I feel is the most comprehensive, and respected, industry coverage in the world. I look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence in high-fidelity journalism that AudioStream and InnerFidelity have established, and am excited to help hasten the alignment of audiophile with lifestyle."

Rafe Arnott

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As mentioned in another post, I am a fan, I think this is a great move. Look forward to posts from Rafe .

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Sorry about the changes but as a reader of PTA I think that Rafe is a good selection and look forward to seeing how things progress.

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We heard from Tyl on his retirement plans from InnerFidelity, but no word on Michael's status. Is he still a contributor or is he out?

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I have worked with Rafe over at PT/OM and he makes a great addition to the staff. It will be good to see the new writing staff for both online magazines.

I wish Michael a good success in his next adventure!


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Dear Paul Miller, after reading this lively piece of writing, allow me to congratulate you on your impeccable stewardship of this publication. After buying the company and learning almost nothing about how it worked and who was involved, you summarily fired this website's editor, then apparently offered the position to at least one of his contributors, who I'm guessing at this point weren't exactly thrilled to work with you—we know this because you had John Atkinson prematurely announce one of them as the new editor at AXPONA. And so the website you paid good money for, and then pulled the plug on, has sat barren for six weeks while readers and advertisers headed elsewhere and you plotted your next move. What a master class in business administration! And you seem like such a humble guy, too. Given your track record, I only hope Stereophile, Audiostream and Rafe Arnott survive your leadership.

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I know change can be melancholy, but I am thrilled for Rafe. He is an exciting and excited audiophile who oozes love of the hobby.

Rafe is an 'everybody welcome' kind of person who is already well regarded within the hobby...a fine choice.

If change had to come (I like Michael Lavorgna and was sad to see him go,) then the site could not have made a better choice with Rafe taking the reins.

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Couldn't agree with you more Anton.

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had passed. I wish him well going forward.

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Michael Lavorgna? I'm seriously not trying to stir the pot here, but is Michael no longer part of Audiostream? If not then I'm more than a little bummed. I've learned quite a bit from him on this site.

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let go with the buyout. I suspect that there will be more personnel changes going forward.

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I'd happily stir the pot but I'll be ignored anyway. The rational for dismissing Lavorgna is absent. His work and writing was enjoyable and informative and I shall certainly migrate to follow him when he reappears somewhere else. Never mind the customer; lets shoot the messenger!

I have nothing against the new person but I have never heard of him and I'm reasonably well read so only time will tell if his insights coincide with my interests.

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I have to say, after having read this piece twice, I find it to be among the most incomprehensible pieces of corporate gobbledegook I have ever encountered. Other than the fact that there is a new guy doing something, I have no idea of the future direction of audiostream (or whether it will even continue to exist). If the plan is to do some sort of mashup of AudioStream and Inner Fidelity, to me that doesn't even look good on paper. Headphones are truly a subset of the audio community. The evolution of digital audio beyond physical media is not.
Under the previous editorship, AudioStream at least acknowledged the existing of streaming digital audio, as well digital audio playback from locally-stored files. What seemed to be missing was a clearer sense of organization between these two "branches" of non-physical media digital audio. Some people are just making the transition from physical digital media to playback of stored digital files; others have fully embraced streaming and are not interested in locally stored files.

So, here's hoping that whoever is in charge of this site can manage that . . . or is Stereophile itself (the physical magazine and the website) going to move firmly beyond physical digital media and recognize in a more formal way the digital evolution into playback of stored files and streaming audio?

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I was really bummed when I saw that Michael was let go. Having followed him since his days doing "Road Tours" with 6moons as well as his own "Twittering Machines" blog- he was a welcomed breath of fresh air in the audiophile press. I'm not super familiar with Rafe but I wish him the best with this new project. Does anyone know if Michael has moved on to anything else? Hoping so and look forward to his further contributions to hi-fi and music journalism.

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Nice to see you're here Rafe, very sad to see Michael dumped. Does this move mean The Occasional is dead?

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Best wishes in your new journey at Audiostream!

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I'm sure Rafe will do a great job (apparently doing the work of two editors for the cost of one hire?? God Bless Corporate America!), but I gotta say I am supremely bummed out by Michael's involuntary departure. His highly creative and personal touch was what hooked me as a reader of AudioStream. A year ago, I wasn't even aware of it. And the new corporate overlords canned Baird, too? That fucking blows!!! (I did once contribute reviews and we enjoyed a few beers now and then when I first moved to Brooklyn a number of years ago, so maybe I am biased, but this is ridiculous.). Anyway, wanted to register my anger and sorrow. Good luck Rafe, and hope they allow you some sleep once in awhile. I'll be reading (and for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE keep the columns on new and eclectic music downloads coming fast and heavy. Thanks.

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".....and am excited to help hasten the alignment of audiophile with lifestyle."

I don't think I need an alignment. Sounds like corporate BS.