Neil Young Visits Meridian

Bob Stuart of Meridian with Neil Young at Meridian HQ (photo credit: Meridian)

Whenever I hear Neil Young's name these days, I can't help but think Pono. Neil recently paid Meridian a visit at their Cambridgeshire headquarters and got the full tour. You can read all about it on Meridian's website but if you're anything like me you'll walk away still wondering.

A Pono Peeper? (photo credit: Meridian)

OK, I'm going to pretend Neil was there to check up on some aspect of Pono production which by all accounts is a delivery and playback mechanism for 24/192 [the unofficial buzz is we're talking about higher resolutions than 24/192 Ed.] recordings. We can dream, can't we?

jim tavegia's picture

It would be nice to know what Neil was thinking while on the visit. I'm like you wating for the punch line that never came.   

Michael Lavorgna's picture

...about Pono and more.

jim tavegia's picture

I think a pod cast would be great and you could easily fill up an hour with Neil. 

andy_c's picture

Reminds me of the parody Kim Jong-Il looking at things.

labjr's picture

I wanna know what would be different about Neil's plans than what HDtracks already offers?  Yeah, his player will be able to play other files, but can Pono files play on any other players or DACs?  What's the deal with DRM? I don't think audiophiles would go for something that can't play on through their own DAC? And audiphiles are the ones who buy hi-rez music.

Michael Lavorgna's picture

I also have more questions than answers re: Pono at this point.