Neil Tells the Pono Story to Dave

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Thanks for posting this..I missed it. Very entertaining.

I fear it was over the heads of 99.99999% of viewers....and Dave.

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And importantly, he does a decent job articulating it. Wow, a portable player, too that looks neat and doesn't try to be super-thin/small/etc.

I can now indeed see him discussing this sort of thing with Jobs, Jobs being interested on some level, and then later (now) Cook telling Young, "WHAT?"

"You get as close as digital can get to that analog."

God Bless Neil Young

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Yeh, its obvious Neil gets it, is his idea.

But then we too soon forget he tried to get his whole catalog out on Blu Ray 192 Khz and sunk like a stone.

He has been down this route before. 

P.S. Steve Jobs could not have cared less about the quality of music he distributed via the iTunes store..never gave it a second of thought.

Hey, at least Americana RAWKS.

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I hope this thing really turns into a viable option for us. 

There is clearly a need. 

Now getting joe average to understand and care is a whole nother matter. 

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He failed greatly explaining it.. I'm sure none of the non audiphiles got it, he should just said its like Full HD. Easy.

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I thought DSD was supposed to be the end all be all format....


ha ha

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Watching Neil absolutely tear it up in Central Park at the Global Citizen concert.

Man, he really looks his age. But regardless..The Horse is kicking royal ass.

Pono, Porno, Phono...whatever....he is an American musical giant.

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... 'cause he's kept his native Canadian status.

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Nope. He is not an American citizen. However, he has been living in California for 42 years. He drives American cars and plays American