Needle Doctor Musical Fidelity V90 DAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a Musical Fidelity V90 DAC (MSRP $299.00) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to the company:

Chances are, if you’ve been shopping for audio gear in recent years, you’ve seen the name Musical Fidelity. Rarely does a company have as far of a reach and accumulate as much praise that Musical Fidelity does, and their digital products warrant especially high marks.

The V-90 DAC is nestled in the affordable V90 range that Musical Fidelity offers. These affordable products far outperform their prices - the DAC especially so. It utilizes a 32-bit DAC chip, and 192khz asynchronous, re-clocking sample rate converter. These can be used through one of two optical inputs, or a coax input. To boot, the V90 has a 24-bit, 96khz asynchronous USB input for playback from a computer.

Whatever your digital source may be, it will get along nicely with the V90. It handles digital music with a gentle kindness that results in an accurate, smooth presentation. Though modest in price, it would be fair to use with some of the finest audio equipment out there.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Did I win?

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I really hope I win.

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I am sure I would be happy to own it

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in the MF V90 DAC contest

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Thank you!

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May the best man win

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good luck everyone!

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I'd love to take this for a spin in my home system.

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Wouldn't this brighten up someone's Christmas!

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Free is good.

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I'll give this one a try. Throw my name into the hat.

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This would be an upgrade.

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Everything has already been said.

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One can hope

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hope it goes to me!

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Ready to rock 'n roll.

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To hear this in my rig

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I have the VDAC and VDAC II. Having the V90-DAC would give me all three generations.

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I could use one

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Random act of DACness.

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Won't you be mine?

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My hometown stereo store

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cool stuff!

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I hope I am not too late for this dac

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Space remains on the rack

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I would very much like to see this under my tree.

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I would love to win a piece of this Stereophile Class A rated digital gear. Thanks, Neelde Doctor and Audio Stream!

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me, me, me !

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I'd love this

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DAC Attack

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Count me in!

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Nice Headphones. Look Great Also.

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Thanks Santa!

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Great Idea

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Good luck everyone!

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Thank you very much!

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chicken dinner!

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Hope I win

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I desperately need a DAC.

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would be nice to finally win something.

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Pick me, pick me

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One can never have too many DACs.

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Ready for this!

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It looks like a great unit and while it would not replace my Vega, it would be a great gift to my daughter's poor audiophile boyfriend.

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Why, yes please, thank you!

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That'll go nice with my NuVista 3D-CD player.

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Really nice stuff

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Would like to have one

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Quite impressive DAC

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Just what I need for me!

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Love the Needle Doctor!

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Love to try one officer new affordable offerings!

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New affordable pieces that is!

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".... all I got was a rock" - Charlie Brown

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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Wait, whats going on?

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hope i win

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Make a great day.

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Would love to listen to this on a regular basis!

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I definitely want this.

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Winning would be great!

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I'm your guy!

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Everybody needs a good DAC.'s picture

who doesn't need more dac's?

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so I put it in the pie

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I owned an original VDAC, great value. A friend is now enjoying its benefits in his system.

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for once

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Happy holidays, everyone!!

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Wow, I need this

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More Christmas gifts

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Digital desire!

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I need British asynchronus sound!

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first day of Christmas my true love will give to me...

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So please enter me....

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Why not?

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I can't wait!

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....and this one would do nicely!

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I need it!

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I read audio stream every day. I buy from Needle Doctor.

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Daddy needs a new DAC for X-mas

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my first contest ever

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Gimme some more V90 DAC, please.

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I would love this

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I need one!

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Fingers crossed

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another one

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My first post. My first win?