NativeDSD and NADAC

NativeDSD hosted a series of listening sessions at High End 2016 featuring the Merging Technologies NADAC ($10,500 for stereo version), which is here in-barn for review, and electronics and (very interesting looking) speakers from Daudio. Let's get something straight—while I listen to 'classical' music, I'm listening to Morton Feldman as I type, classical music is not my main squeeze (as I pointed out to Channel Classics/Native DSD's Jared Sachs, I'm from NJ). That being said, if you want to hear some of the best sounding and well-recorded classical music, get yee to NativeDSD and check out Jared Sachs work for his Channel Classics label. You will not be disappointed.

I did not time my visit to coincide with one of the scheduled sessions, I find making and keeping appointments at shows ruins the flow, I did settle in and spend some time just listening and was rewarded with sweet, soft (in a good way) lovey music.

I couldn't help but imagine that ribbon on the Daudio W1 Loudspeakers was screaming, "Help me!"