Native DSD Music: JustListen Free DSD Downloads

The website is gaining momentum. Now with seven labels represented and over 200 DSD downloads available, fans of DSD should be pleased. The latest news is their new "JustListen" label offering "special 'session tapes' and unedited performances that, up till now, are only heard by the production teams and those close to the industry." These "unedited ultra high resolution session recordings" are offered in stereo and multi-channel 64x DSD, 128x DSD, some in 256x DSD, and DXD. Did I mention they're free?

Yes, free. All you need do is register. Offerings include selections from Sor: Guitar Sonatas from Fernando Sor's 24 Very Easy Exercises Op.35, Nama from M-A Recordings, Mathius Landeus, Mahler, and more. I've downloaded most of them, listened to a few (we were away for the weekend), and the music (and sound) is spectacular.

If you're wondering about the origins of these recordings and various resolutions, here's what Native DSD has to say:

We've created a members-only label called JustListen, and it is dedicated to presenting unedited ultra high resolution session recordings (just as we receive them, often in raw formats like DFF). We've also included other sample rates, converted professionally (Sonoma, Pyramix, etc) to allow more of our customers who only have DSD64 or high rez PCM DACs to experience these recordings as close to the mic as possible......even compare sample rates! You might find your DAC loving one more than the other.
I don't think I'll be doing any serious A/B comparisons between them since you can do them yourself, but I applaud NativeDSD and all of the labels participating in JustListen for making these lovely recordings available to us.

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Thanks for posting this.

Folks, these raw (mostly) session recordings are from various labels, a couple of which are still coming onboard; stay tuned for their full albums. Unlike a compilation album meant to be listened to in one session, these recordings have levels all over the board (we didn't touch them, other than to professionally resample examples for other DAC users like DSD64 or DXD...and we disclose that in the site), so consider them individual recordings. The Mahler 1 session stuff is the only DSD64 source; the remainder are either recorded in DSD128 or DSD256. Enjoy.

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Great work on the Native DSD site. Cheers.
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but thanks anyway :)

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I have created an account, but am able to download only one zip file, with one stereo dsd and one surround dsd file. Or maybe I am a bit "blind" didn't find the correct link for the above mentioned different free files on the web page. I am not hunting behind free files, but just want to listen, how native DSD files can sound. Thank you.

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once registered and logged in, I was able to download all the files (individually) from page
Uploaded the first few onto my Sony HAP-S1 (which can play the .dsd files up to 128) and gave them a brief listen - impressive sound quality, yes, but IMHO (or rather WMHS - with my humble stereo) nothing that obviously surpasses 24/88.2 PCM.

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I meant the .dsf (not .dsd) files