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From the Press Release:

Nativ Vita is the world’s first high-end music player with a 11.6” touchscreen and pioneering user interface to conveniently access all of today’s music. Play popular streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal directly from the built-in LCD, and stream stunning music videos to your TV via HDMI or wirelessly with Google Cast. Nativ Vita supports Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, Google Cast and Bluetooth aptX for seamless integration of your mobile devices, and plays music from your Mac, PC or NAS through its ultra-fast 802.11ac and Gigabit networking technology. Network music libraries can also be navigated with the pre-installed music interface from Roon. Large music libraries can be stored directly on the built-in hard disk or SSD drives with up to 4TB capacity.
Nativ's Vita supports PCM resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and quad rate DSD (DSD256) while offering asynchronous USB output and three outputs for S/PDIF (RCA, TosLink, BNC) and AES/EBU (there is no internal DAC). If you choose to run Roon, you'll have to also run Roon Server on your computer or you can opt to run with Nativ's own app. There's also a built-in multidirectional microphone so you can simply tell Vita what to play, adjust the volume, or skip to the next track.

The company, which is based in Hong Kong (manufacturing as well), is also introducing their Wave DAC/Headphone amp which processes 32-bit/384kHz PCM and quad rate DSD (DSD256) files using a pair of BurrBrown DSD1792A DACs. For those looking toward the cutting edge, the Nativ Wave also supports MQA.

Filling out the company's first product offerings is the Nativ Pulse high-precision linear power supply for the Wave.

All Nativ products are hand-build in small production lots and crafted from premium-grade 7000 series aluminum, Japanese-made Asahi glass and solid American Oak or Walnut. An optional wall-mount allows you to place Nativ Vita and Nativ Wave on the wall in just a few minutes.

Wow. But at what cost?

Nativ is launching its products through a crowd-funding campaign. During the campaign Nativ Vita™ [starts at $1599] and Nativ Wave™ [$1899] are available in limited quantities for as low as $699, saving 50% or more over the official retail price.
Yeow. That sure sounds like a nice price for the Vita. If you were always enamored of the Meridian Sooloos but balked at its cost, the Vita may be worth more than a peek.

Nativ: High-Res Music System & Touchscreen Control on Indiegogo

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Given my - and many others - bad experiences with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns (I just had AMEX pull my commitment due to complete lack of communication from owner from another project), I have to say - good luck. I'm not going to be a guinea pig for these guys. Noble and honorable their intent may be, alas, there's simply too many roadblocks these "startup" business owners don't get, know or otherwise understand.

Go the old fashioned way, build the product, show it off, see if there's traction.

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No more crowd-funding for me. Anybody heard of LH Labs?