Naim Audio DAC-V1

Naim was showing their new DAC-V1 ($2,300) that can also function as a preamplifier and headphone amp. The DAC-V1 has 5 S/PDIF inputs and an asynchronous USB input all capable of up to 24/192 playback. The USB input ups the ante to 384kHz.

There's also a matching amplifier, the NAP 100 ($1,299), that offers 50W/channel. Naim was showing this smart small system with a pair of PMC monitors.

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I was enjoying the Musical Fidelity M1 dac and then I visited the Bristol hifi show, where I heard the Naim DAC V1 playing into similar amp and speakers to mine - I cannot speak too highly of the detail revealed over the Musical Fidelity dac, I pX'd my M1 dac within the following week, very happy with my system.