Mytek Adds MQA And Other Goodies To The New Manhattan II

Mytek Digital, makers of the recently reviewed Brooklyn DAC, have added a II to their Manhattan (see review) and along with it MQA decoding.

Of course there are other improvements including a "greatly improved" analog attenuator circuit, Femto clock technology, and an optional "Roon Ready" Network/WiFi card to turn Manhattan II into a full fledged network player/Roon end point. You can also slide a MM/NC analog phono preamp into the Bi-Metal chassis for a fully featured preamp. You can send 384k PCM and DSD256 data through the Manhattan II's new Sabre ES9038 32bit DAC chipset and plug your cans into one of the II's front panel jacks.

Manhattan was paired up with a BAT VK33SE Preamp ($9995), BAT VK255SE Amp ($8995), and a pair of Aluminous Audio Gravitas Loudspeakers ($39,990/pair). Cables and power were from Shunyata.