My Favorite Apps: Bandcamp

"Why don't you write about apps?" a friend suggested. Yea, why don't I? As regular readers may have noticed, some of the Download of the Week picks are available on Bandcamp. Within that group, some are records available directly from the artist, my favorite kind. The idea that the person(s) making the music get my money is a comforting thought.

some of my music purchases

In addition to being one of my favorite places to buy music, Bandcamp also offers an iOS/Android app (I use it my iPhone), which allows you to stream every purchase you've made from the site (purchases automatically show up in the app), while also offering the ability to stream, discover, and purchase new music from its catalog of over 1M albums.

Discover: One of my favorite things

Up at the top of the app screen are a number of genre filters for narrowing down the selections shown. Tapping a genre brings up sub-genres so you can further filter what you see. Nice. You can also follow other people's music collections and the app automatically finds and suggests people with similar tastes based on your and their purchase histories. Tapping on any fan image allows you to listen to their entire collection. Nice. There's a comment feature so you can tell artists how much you enjoy their music.

The BC Weekly radio show presents recommended tracks (weekly music picks: another of my favorite things ;-), presented by real people (DJs), and often include interviews with artists.

All in all, I find the Bandcamp app to be a great way to Discover new music. You can also do pretty much all of the above from the Bandcamp website so if you like what you see there, have at that app! It's free! You will need to create a "Fan Account" but that's free too.

Bandcamp website
Bandcamp iOS app
Bandcamp Android app