Music Hall/AktiMate Minis

That's obviously a stock photo which I decided to use because every one of the many pictures I took of the AktiMate Minis sucked

The new AktiMate Minis ($499/pair) powered speakers w/USB DAC are distributed in the USA by Music Hall. The Minis are a two-way active speaker of the master/slave variety as only one has a 40W Class D amplifier so the other is driven by it (I'll let you decide which one's which). Frequency response is 58 Hz - 28 kHz according to the Music Hall-provided literature. Inputs include 1 pair of RCAs, (1) 3.5mm jack, a top-mounted Apple iPod Dock and a rear-mounted USB input wich passes 16-bit/48kHz data. There's even a pair of RCA outputs to connect to a subwoofer or according to the literature, "daisy-chain pairs of AktiMates". And they come in high (really high) gloss black, red or white.