Music Hall DAC35.2

The new Music Hall DAC35.2 ($1,200) is more than that. Sure it's got an Asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC and 4 S/PDIF inputs (2 Coax, 2 Toslink) that can handle the same musical load, but it adds a pair of analog inputs and 2 variable analog outputs which pass through a pair of 6922 dual triodes or 1 fixed analog output that bypasses those tubes for those who don't want to go there. So yea, it's also a preamplifier. But wait, there's more including a USB-A input so you can connect your iPod/iPad, a tube headphone amp and a remote control.

The production DAC35.2 should be available within 6 months.

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This looks like one of the most interesting DAC/preamps/headphone amps I have seen especially when price is taken into account.