Munich High End 2019

The awe-inspiring high-fidelity lifestyle exposition that feels more like a world’s fair than anything as pedestrian as an audiophile trade show is back for its 38th year and it looks to be bigger than ever.

High End in Munich is a sprawling, labyrinthine experience that transcends most people’s preconceptions of what hi-fi is all about as you’ll see more cross sections of society (women, families, couples, teens, children) in attendance than any other show I’ve been to.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it is the premiere European show of its kind, perhaps it’s just the fact it is in Europe – whatever the reason there is a positivity to the vibe at High End that is contagious with manufacturers, exhibitors, attendees and press all sharing in a communal high-five that listening to music is a fun experience and not something to wring one’s hands over.

Held at Munich’s MOC and boasting more than 500 exhibitors in 2018, High End boasts more diverse hi-fi and professional audio product categories than one person could ever truly take in during the show – it’s just that massive. To give you an idea of what it’s like, here is a video of what showgoers can expect.

Check back for coverage from High End as the show progresses.


struts's picture a more-or-less literal translation of an old Swedish saying (that is perhaps never more true than when it comes to our hobby).

However I wonder if I am imagining it or has the stylised "Ses" in AUDIOSSSTREAM, which seemed to flow so effortlessly now been split abruptly down the middle? And if so, why? Does it signify a polarising of opinion, and if so is this a commentary on the contemporary political landscape or hinting at an aspiration to shake things up and be more controversial?

And wait, haven't both the "AUDIO" and the "TREAM" been 'demoted' to lower case? Hmmmm, what does it all mean?

I fear I am hallucinating, must check my prescription..