Munich High End 2015: The Wrap

"It's cultural." That's my pat answer to the question—why is the Munich show different?

While it's easy to gets pics like this in Munich, just point and shoot, if you wanted similar results from US Hi-Fi shows you'd have to bring in the women and children to pose.

There's a buzz, a general and overwhelming sense of fun everywhere you look.

High End reports 506 exhibitors from 42 countries (+11%), Increased attendance with a total of 20,637 visitors (+16%), and 6,588 trade visitors from 71 countries (+22%).

"Noise. It's the new buzzword."

That's one of my notes. Here's the only other random thought I thought to jot down:

"Bad music is an international language."

I complain but not really. Munich is by far my favorite Hi-Fi show. The city is lovely, the people lovelier, the sheer size of the Show promises tons of new discoveries and plenty of familiar faces, and the staff at High End do a fabulous job of organizing every last detail. I heard more than one exhibitor say they wished CES would end. Me too.

selfie w/Fra Angelico at the Alte Pinakothek

To my ears, digital replay continues to make great strides toward the natural while file based playback, through services like Tidal Hi-Fi and apps like Roon, make the overall experience vastly richer and more involving on a human level. Great things are afoot.

Anton's picture

Any chance your are going the THE in Newport?

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Unfortunately I won't be going to The Show.
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Agree, very exciting times for streamers/servers/Tidal/Roon - that's the new journey I'm itching to start. Was there anything you saw in Munich (or are otherwise aware of) that may challenge Antipodes for the same buck/deutsche mark or less?

Michael Lavorgna's picture
So far I have not come across a server I'd recommend over the Antipodes DX.