MSB Technology Analog DAC

I finally got to hear the MSB Technology Analog DAC ($6,995) and boy am I glad I did. It sounds...nice. The design of the inputs is modular in nature meaning you can pick and plug in up to 3 modules (the first one is free - additional modules are $995/each) selecting from Toslink or Coax S/PDIF, balanced XLR AES/EBU, Isolated MSB Network, MSB ProI2S 32 bit input, and USB 2.0 384kHxz input. There's an optional analog volume control ($995) that also adds a pair of Analog inputs so the Analog DAC can act as a preamp. There are 2 very discrete controls on the unit, one for volume and one for source selection as well as an included remote that adds phase invert and mute.