MQA IFA 2017 Updates

MQA is on the move, as a series of Press Releases from IFA 2017 make clear. Here are the highlights:

New MQA Hardware Devices and Partners (think, MQA inside)

  • LG's new V30 smartphone
  • Sony's WM-ZX300 and WM-A40 Walkman models
  • Electrocompaniet
  • Rotel
New MQA Streaming Partners
  • Korean-based hi-res streaming service, Groovers, has confirmed it is working on MQA mobile and desktop implementation for its platform, due to launch by the end of 2017
  • 7digital will be powering a forthcoming hi-res streaming service, HDmusicStream, which will stream MQA
  • MQA Strikes Global Agreement with Deezer [!]. Deezer’s music streaming service boasts over 43 million songs, is live in 185 countries, and has more than 12 million active users across the globe...both companies share several partners including leading audio brands such as Bluesound, LG, Onkyo, MOON by Simaudio and Sony.
  • offers thousands of on-demand concerts from artists including Metallica, Bruce Springsteen and Dead & Company. This autumn, the HiFi tier will offer MQA streaming on iOS and desktop players.
Other News
  • Sonic Studio’s Amarra Luxe 4.1 media player, enabling all the benefits of the MQA experience for local playback and streaming of high resolution music, is scheduled for release in September 2017.
  • Pioneer and Onkyo will be showcasing TIDAL Masters mobile streaming on their latest Digital Audio Players, the XDP-30R and DP-S1 models, at the IFA trade fair.
  • On the download front, Japan-based music store, e-onkyo music, has announced the expansion of their MQA music offering, with the addition of Warner Music Group’s hi-res catalogue in MQA, which will be available for the first time in the region in the coming weeks.
  • Onkyo Music store, which serves Germany, UK and the US, will also be offering MQA music, as it rolls out a redesigned store front throughout September.
  • Existing download stores, including HIGHRESAUDIO, continue to add more MQA music as it becomes available.
The news that really grabs my attention relates to the new MQA streaming services since I feel that MQA's real value proposition is hitched to streaming, i.e. not downloads. I am also ery happy to see not one but two new high-rez streaming services—one old (Deezer), one new (HDmusicStream)— as well as Deezer's expansion beyond the world of Sonos.

Choice is good.

dadracer's picture

I couldn't help but notice that you didn't mention ifi Audio in your MQA roundup. They are making a new Black version of their Nano iDSD which will feature MQA compatibility and so become an ideal travelling DAC for folks wanting hi res audio on the move.

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Has Deezer specifically stated that it's MQA streams will be available in the U.S?

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So far, the Tidal phone app does not support MQA. (I wish it did - I have the V20 and a Dragonfly Red.)
Any indication that this will change? If not, how useful will the MQA ability on the phone really be?