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Also on-deck in-barn: Holo Audio Spring DAC – LEVEL 3 ($2399)

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Very anxious for impressions on this DAC...

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I know stereophile reviewed it, but it was once in your on deck lists. Any plan to go forward with this?

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...for testing. I have not heard back when it will be back in-barn.
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this DAC is getting on CA, I will be interested in your opinion on it.

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to put on your list. With the Roon card, all you would need is the amp and speakers.

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I owned this DAC for a month now, I must said this baby rocks, especially in NOS mode. Listening is believing!

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I've had this DAC for less than a month and am very impressed with it. Especially in NOS mode and using the I2S input. Very detailed. With lots of DSD content in my library I really appreciate the ability to play native DSD without the overhead of DoP.

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Hi Michael-

Any plans to review the Oppo Sonica DAC?

It has a pretty rich feature set, so at $800 it could be a great value.
It would be wonderful to have the country's leading unbiased DAC expert (you) give it a spin and let us audiophiles on a budget know whether this is a good upgrade over a DAC Magic level DAC.


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Hi Michael,
Is this a real product? No seriously, Its been announce in the audio Magazines and the web press for a few months now but we just read a reformatted narrative of the DAC's spec sheet. This is presented as a very Biggly featured DAC and it would be great to get a real audiophile (Audiostream/Stereophile) review as opposed to a reworded press release. The possibility of a real price performance bargain could be had for $800 - but how does it sound?
Thanks, Ricky