More Lovely Recordings Wanted

It's that time again. Lovely Recordings has become an indispensable aspect of the AudioStream genome and I want (need?) to keep it going: Sharing music being one of the loveliest things we can do in this fine hobby.

It's really simple: pick some music you love that's available as a legal download1, write about why you love it, and send me the results in an email (take a peak at any Lovely Recordings post for inspiration and information).

That's it.

Do it!


1. Downloads should be CD-quality (or better). Please include a link to the download site

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Lovely Sounds 2 from Alan Sherman

All of these albums are available on Tidal. Only Nearness is available in MQA. The roots music that I like is hard to find in any Hi Rez format.

1. Love is Strange - Jackson Brown and David Lindley - This live album was recorded in Spain. Jackson Brown and David Lindley sound like they have been playing together for years because they have. Hearing them together in a well recorded acoustic setting is fantastic. Lindley adds a lot to the music with multiple instruments.

2. Tell It True – Mollie O’Brien - On this album, Mollie O’Brien sings many different styles of songs. She sounds great singing ballads, roots, and belt it out bluesy music. Tim O’Brien, her brother, Jerry Douglas and other fine musicians make the music shine. More people should know about Mollie O’Brien. She has a fantastic voice.

3. Nearness – Joshua Redman/Brad Mehldau - There are both duo pieces on this album as well as combo work.

4. Didn’t Rain – Amy Helm - When I first heard this album by Levon Helm’s daughter, I thought that is was good enough to earn a Grammy for roots music. I was disappointed that it didn’t. Every song on this album is strong. If you like roots music, check this album out.

5. Solo Monk - My father had this album, but it was all scratched up. I found the CD used at a record store, and ripped to my computer. It is just sublime music.

6. Cannonball Plays Zawinul – I discovered this album when searched on Tidal for Cannonball Adderley. This album contains music that was written or co-written by Joe Zawinul that was recorded by Cannonball Adderley and Zawinal between 1961 and 1971. Zawinul was a great composer. The compositions range from post Bob to Weather Report type fusion music. Great stuff.