More Lovely Recordings Wanted

It's that time again. Lovely Recordings has become an indispensable aspect of the AudioStream genome and I want (need?) to keep it going: Sharing music being one of the loveliest things we do in this fine hobby.

Check out Lovely Recordings: A New AudioStream Column for the required information but it's really simple: pick some music you love that's available as a legal download, write about why you love it, and send me the results in an email (take a peak at any Lovely Recordings post for inspiration and information).

That's it.

Do it!


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Hi Michael,

The Lovely Recordings section has quickly become one of my absolute favorite reads in the music blog-sphere. I would like this to continue as I find it provides an invaluable opportunity for music discovery.

Although I would love to contribute and many times sat down to attempt to put together a list, I end up not having enough time. It would be great if we could have a similar list but instead of a bunch of albums readers could post 1 or 2 albums max, makes it easy to put together, quick to post and fun....

Think about it.

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There is no 'minimum' for a Lovely Recordings post. The number of albums you choose to write about is up to you. I just ask that you talk about why your selection(s) is(are) important to you.
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I was considering a selection from "Talk Talk", "The Blue Nile", "John Martyn" & "David Sylvian", but few of their albums seem to be available as digital downloads.

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Tidal Store

You'll find multiple albums from each available as downloads.

dysonapr's picture seems to require a Tidal account/login.

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Try going to and clicking on the "TIDAL Store" link in the main menu.
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Michael, I've got a long winded article written up for this section, but have no idea how to post it. Can you help me with that, as well as maybe previewing it with an eye to length if necessary?

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...via email:

I'll work it up and send you a link to preview. Thanks for participating!