Moon Audio Blue Dragon Custom USB Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Moon Audio Blue Dragon Custom USB Cable (MSRP $100.00) we are giving away.

$100 for 3 foot version USB A to USB B or USB A to USB Mini B (choice of winner depending on what they are connecting to). Moon will create a custom cable depending on what the user needs / user will be in communication w/Moon to get the connectors they need.

According to the company:

The Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB cable utilizes our single crystal UPOCC copper construction to provide you with the best possible digital bus transmission. The cable uses a 99.999% pure copper 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded copper conductors with a double layer shield to ward off outside interference.  Standard USB cables are not up to the task of large bit rate information.  Moon Audio has optimized this cable for audio transmision of large High Rez files.  USB cables can make big a difference and the Blue Dragon is one heck of a bang for the buck cable. This cable is utilized to transfer digital audio information from your PC or portable iDevice to an outboard USB Digital to Analog Converter allowing you to enjoy your computer based audio in a home or portable audio system's environment. 

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

capdever's picture

A USB cable upgrade would be great!

Audio_newb's picture

Been looking at the Wireworld Starlight or the Furutech Formula 2, but this would be perfect.

torturegarden's picture

…skeptical of fancy USB cables. I hope I win to see if I can be proven wrong.

dparker's picture

oh bow dum bee bow dum die!

jim tavegia's picture

I could use a nice Mini B to go with my Tascam Flash Recorders.   Thanks for the opportunity. 

mikerr's picture

I Love Cables !!!

uzi's picture

Pretty pretty please with a whole bunch of cherries on top.

paulg's picture

To win!

brrgrr's picture

I'm in

brrgrr's picture

I'm in

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I'm in!

bklynbound01's picture

i am in.  This is great

texanalog's picture

Count me in!

firedog55's picture

Been thinking about buying a USB cable, this would be perfect

mrdon's picture

I'm in.

Jmilton7043's picture

If these cables are "dragon", I'm willing to "lift" a pair for myself.

jchaps's picture

Piecing together a system bit by bit.  This would be a great addition.

CB3874's picture

Yes!!!!!!!! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

tf1216's picture

I have purchased from Drew at Moon Audio in the past.  His customer service is top notch and so are his products.

acawaigmail's picture

Even if I can't hear a difference, it would be great to have a fancy USB cable.

eliotic's picture

Sounds great.

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spyder1's picture

I want one!

whell's picture

Great looking cable!

ConnectedAlt's picture

Well I needed a new cable for my desktop system.  Here's to hoping!!

AK7579's picture

This would be a great upgrade for my system!

lenbell's picture

id love to own

Travis Klersy's picture

This would get me to finally get me off the fence about computer audio.

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attilahun's picture

I need this!!!

jjljr's picture

would be a very handy accessory to have!

ribeye's picture

give me!

audiom's picture

Hope I'm not too late. The rules link gives me:

"The requested page could not be found."

thecansmancan's picture

Hmm, you know I've never really be on board the whole high grade cable train. I've heard stories about coat hangers being used in place of $1000 cables during blind tests. Many subjects couldn't tell the difference. And these are serious audiophiles we're talking here. But hey, I can't knock it till I try it right. Count me in on this one!

Android514's picture

Here's hoping!

exile_ken's picture

Thank you.

Dewey2's picture

me, me

Cadfael's picture

For someone new to computer audio I need all the gear I can get.

impeth's picture

I hope I am lacky enough this time...

failynn's picture

sounds good to em

Wcwc's picture

I could use this.

Boy Howdy's picture

Just switched from TOSLINK to USB with a MF V-LINK and this would come in handy.


x838nwy's picture

Had Drew recable my T5p with his silver dragon v3 - far greater improvement than I could have expected, and great workmanship too.

bala's picture

Looking forward to winning the cable!

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bukley's picture

Is it physically possible for a digital cable to change the sound?  I'm gonna find out when I WIN!!!!

Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!  I could always use more cables!

mikepbrowning's picture

Put me in

jesica.curry619's picture

I would love to win this awesome cable for my husband! He would love it! He's an IT guy who always wants good cables!

Casey2007's picture

I'd love to own it.

valenroy's picture

Line me out for the sweep stakes Michael!

meraklya's picture

Would love a freebie mini-B version!

DSG's picture

Would fit nicely in my system.

Robfine's picture

Me want one!

Robfine's picture

Me want one!

idigmingus's picture

It's all about makin' it sound better!

Acoustix's picture

I would be over the Moon if I won a new

Universal Serial Bus Cable