Miscellaneous Munich

the LEEDH E loudspeaker detail (€16,000/pair)

I also covered the Munich High End Show for Stereophile where my assignment was to pick a few favorite things. You can read all about my picks right here but this task also led me to places I wouldn't normally travel, namely rooms without computer audio stuff. So I actually listened to a wider variety of gear than my typical AudioStream focus and I thought I'd share some of these rooms as well as things I've covered before or just frankly didn't get enough info on to cover more fully.

ADAM Audio Tensor Speakers, CS250 monoblock amplifiers, CS10 preamp.

The very tempting KEF LS50 speakers with Arcam electronics.

The YG Acoustics Sonja 1.3 speakers ($106,000/pair), Qualia electronics, and the Kronos Turntable ($32,000).

Vivid Giya G2 speakers with CH Precision electronics.

Soulution and Focal.

Active speakers from Nubert. I asked someone dressed in a Nubert shirt a question while in their room and he responded, "I don't work for them I'm just a fan."

The KEF Muon and Blade.

Voxativ speakers.

The DSD-capable EAR DAC4 & Drive

ELAC Micro speaker system.

Estalon speakers and Vitus Audio electronics.

The Atohm speakers were very impressive.

The Aurender music server was also in the Zeta Zero speaker room.

Living Voice Vox Olympian speakers.

The Wilson/EMM Labs room was always this full each time I went in for a listen.