Milford Graves Full Mantis: Feature Film

If you don't know about Milford Graves, you want to. We've talked about Milford before; his healing powers and his music but these things only skim the surface of very deep waters.

Director Jake Meginsky began filming Milford Graves and digitizing his personal archive in 2004 and Full Mantis will be the outcome of this 14-year work.

"To put it simply, Graves’ world – a coppice between history and immediacy, between aesthetics and science, between heart and intellect – is rendered cinematically, in all its quivering, pulsing, kinetic life. This is filmmaking that helps remind us of the profundity of our most basic senses, and the rhythm that guides and glides with them. It’s like how Robert Creeley said that the dancing is in the dancing. It’s like that. Don’t try to analyze it. Just take it in." - Matt Krefting
Run on over to the Kickstarter page and watch the trailer. If you'd like to see more (I do), please become a supporter.