Mike Wins the $1400 USB Cable

Mike Nilan of Syracuse, New York is the randomly selected winner of the Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable sweepstakes. The LightSpeed was reviewed recently here at Audiostream by Steven Plaskin, where he said "Its special qualities of speed, detail, soundstage and ambience reproduction, along with its low noise capabilities, place it among the finest USB cables I have yet heard." Seems Mike scored big!

MIke's cable was 1.6m which makes it $1399 worth of bit transfer. I asked Mike how he thought it sounded. Unfortunately, the guy's been in London shopping for more hi-fi. He calls the Audio Lounge a great store. Now that he's back, he's going to do some cable comparisons.

Best of luck Mike and thanks for your participation.

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Good to see you, Mike! Hope you enjoy it!



Bill for Light Harmonic