Micromega: Coolest and Hottest Room at RMAF 2016

Since the reigning "Coolest Room" champ, Ayre Acoustics, took this year off, Micromega and Focal filled the bill.

These companies share color finishes so even though my photos don't look like it, those lovely orange Focal Sopra No2 speakers ($13,999) match the equally lovely orange Micromega M-One 100 Amp/DAC/Streamer/DSP/MM/MC phono Pre ($3999).

The simplicity, the orange, and translucent paper room treatment was only bettered by this simple system's sound. Hot and cool. Bravo, all around.

Jarcher's picture

This is an amazing sounding combo. Dynamic, lushness, musicality. You don't appreciate how nice the finish on the micromega looks until you see it in the flesh.

DH's picture

It's an all-in-one- (amp/dac/pre). Does it rival the Devialet or the LIO?
It's going to be less expensive. How good is it? Really good, a "giant killer" - or not?

Frank Hardly's picture

It doesn't matter - its orange!

DH's picture

Just that one - to match the speakers.You can order it in any color you want. Even black or silver.