Michael Lavorgna's System (Video)

You are invited into the barn for a talk about my hi-fi.

Since there's so much said in the accompanying video, I won't say much here except to thank Jana Dagdagan for her video and story-telling prowess and Stephen Mejias for his creative input (and acting).


One note: I neglected to mention Anthony Abate of Box Furniture who not only made my equipment rack, but Anthony was also responsible for the lovely details in the joining of the parts. So it is more accurate to say that the rack was designed with his help as well.

full system details

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This was fun! When is Stephen's episode of the walking Dead on?

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... I wish more of S-phile/Audiostream, etc. would go to video. (Though not like AVshowreports, where you're bizarrely supposed to listen to to systems as recorded by them and then played back through your own rig--the end result of which surely bears *no* relationship to what they were hearing when they made the video; it all seems a terrible waste of time). So I just wanted to say thank you and please perhaps even think of adding video equipment and music reviews.

I was also struck by your listening chair. The LCW is obviously a classic (and I do favor it in red), but I find sitting in it akin to sitting in a torture device. I think that this may be because I'm abnormally large and maybe the chair just wasn't made for someone like me (perhaps ironically, my listening chair is also by Herman Miller, though their Embody task chair). Anyway, besides the admitted good looks of the Eames' creation, can you really sit for long periods on that chair and focus on the music and not your aching hips and back?

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Yes, the Eames LCW fits me like a glove (or is it the other way around?) ;-)

I lived for many years with these same chairs as the only chairs I owned.

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Loving these videos of the Stereophile/AP/AS staff and editors! JA has curated a fascinating and smart bunch of great writers and communicators who are the best at what they do - musings on the elusive art of listening to great music.

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Lovely video. What was the opening music?

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Hey - Thank you! Haha, it's just an iPhone 6 recording of me playing a fifth on my vintage Roland Juno-60 synth.
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Must have been an un-dead economist, I was sure I could here him saying Keynes....Kaynes....

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I hope you keep doing them. Plenty of good humored ways to lampoon ourselves!