Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Dutch NOS DAC company Metrum Acoustics has developed their own chip for the Pavane DAC (€4000). "The parallel driven R2R ladder networks as used in the eight DAC modules performs, especially when combined with our FPGA-driven 'forward correction module', on a higher level." Metrum claims extremely high linearity "right down to -140dB" and "extremely high channel separation of 120 dB."

These Metrum-developed DAC boards will also be available to OEMs

The Pavane employs no oversampling and offers 1x Toslink, 2x Coax (BNC & RCA), AES/EBU, and USB inputs, as well as RCA and XLR pairs. The Coax and AES inputs process up to 192kHz data while the USB ups that number to 384kHz. While difficult to tell from my crappy photo, the Pavane's matte black aluminum chassis is quite lovely and is the result of a painstaking 6-phase process which sees the chassis traveling about the EU for various phases. As such, there's been a roughly 30% rejection rate causing some delays in production.

We'll also see this new R2R technology trickle down to new Metrum products in just a few months. Color me intrigued.