McIntosh McAire

OK. So it's no Squeezebox but the new $3,000 McIntosh McAire is Airplay compatible, includes Wi-Fi capability (requires a wireless router), an Ethernet port, a USB input for iOS devices, and a line level RCA input. This upscale 8 x 19.4 x 17" 31lb network boombox houses two 4” woofers, two 2” midrange drivers and two ¾” tweeters. There's an included remote and a Mc-App for controlling playback which appears to be limited to Airplay or iOS-stored files as there's no mention of UPnP or DLNA. Hmm. But it does have McBlue Output Meters!

You can read all about it here.

Drtrey's picture

a player that is tied to iTunes. Itunes is for the car or background music and $3000 for better background music is not in my future! Looks great though.



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Lossless and hi-res files via iTunes sound great. 

With the right equipment and software, iTunes is legit. 

Ever read any reviews? Seems like most use iTunes with pure music or the like. 

I know you can play lossless over AirPlay not sure about hi res though. 

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If you have iTunes 10.1 or iPhone,with iOS 4.3.3 or later it's a must. If you love clear/high quality this is the airplay system to purchase. I'm finally proud of myself for purchasing something that is costly but worth while. Id love to hear more opinions/experiences on it.