MBL North America

MBL North America was showing off their Corona Line's Combination B System (from $39,000) that includes the MBL 126 Radialstrahler, MBL C31 CD Player, MBL C11 Preamplifier, MBL C21 Power Amplifier. A hot-rodded Sonore Music Server with VortexBox Engine from Simple Designs (starts at $1,999) acted as served.

The MBL C31 CD Player ($9,200) includes coax, Toslink and USB inputs so we listened to 16/44 and 24/96 music files stored on the Sonore Server. Jeremy Bryan of MBL North America spun some, hmm let me re-phrase that since there's nothing spinning—he played some Tower of Power "Diggin' On James Brown" and I noted that this was a smile-worthy moment, my highest compliment. I also noticed that the MBL sound and character was more than present in this modest-by-MBL-standards system. To my ears, that's a good thing and do you see what I mean about omni's and sci-fi?