MBL and Sensorium AVR

MBL and NY dealer Sensorium AVR teamed up to put on what can only be described as The Big Show. Complete with ticket-holder only entrance, this room provided one compelling answer to the question—how can we get more people interested in hi-fi.

There was always a line to enter the MBL/Sensorium AVR room

While entrance to this feast for the ears and eyes was free, since seating was limited to twenty or so at a time, you had to get a ticket in advance to gain entrance. Once inside the volume levels reached to real concert heights (we were warned) as the 100"+ screen projected parts of movies from The Beatles, Chicago (the movie), as well as live concert footage from George Michael, Usher, and Rush to name just a few. Neil Peart's drum solo was the show stealer, although I always enjoy a trip on the Yellow Submarine, and the audience left in a pleasant daze akin to exiting a ride at an amusement park but not before providing a round of applause.

I'm certain I've never seen this level of pure excitement at a hi-fi show. Jeremy Byran of MBL North America and the team from Sensorium AVR are to be commended for bringing a taste of The Big Show to the NY Audio Show.