Juergen Reis of MBL

MBL sat right up near the very tippy top of my most enjoyable rooms at the Munich High End Show 2015. I very much enjoyed Juergen Reis' presentation on his speakers, the Radialstrahler mbl 101 X-treme (€202,000/pair) which was chock full of fascinating insight interspersed with sumptuous musical bits.

One example of practical interior design lies in the use of different types of user selectable, and very short, cables to connect the tweeter—copper braided, silver, and solid core copper—each imparting a different sonic signature. MBL also supplies different inductors for the midrange drivers...each imparting a different sonic character. Live, listen, and learn.

I don't know about you but when I try to digest the fact that Juergen Reis is responsible for the design and sonic beauty of MBL's products, my mind short circuits. I'll work on that. I also had the opportunity to sit with Juergen for a few minutes after this presentation where we discussed all things audio. What a treat.

My notes from the listening session read, "Sitting on far right directly in front of speaker. Sounds f*cking great." The Radialstrahler speakers emit sound into the room unlike other speakers and I find this difference to be musically compelling. Juergen also noted that the system's dynamic range seems endless and I'd have to agree.

I also have to say that many, many, of the cost-no-object systems I heard in Munich left me flat. They also had me working to try to connect with the sounds they were making so that I could break on through and enjoy the music. Not so with MBL. There was an immediate and direct connection between sound and music. Bravo.

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...at the shows. The sound is always fantastic and their gear is beautiful. It's unobtanium for me, but who cares? I always spend a lot of time in their room listening.