Mass Fidelity

Beyond the very sleek Model 1 speaker system ($995/pair) and the equally streamlined Model 1 integrated amp ($995), I have to say I'm not exactly certain what Mass Fidelity is up to beyond a full out assault on the streaming media market currently inhabited by the likes of Sonos and Squeezebox. Pictured above is the mysterious to me "sum'd" device that houses a Linux OS, an Ethernet port, a pair of USB Type A inputs and a three-pronged plug sticking out of the back.

model 1 integrated amp

model 1 speaker

I'd imagine the basic idea is all of the Mass Fidelity devices will speak to one another as well as your music sitting on a NAS device or HDD over Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi and they'll look and sound good doing it. Check out the Mass Fidelity website for more information including their open source sterOS platform.

stereOS was designed to inspire a new segment in the consumer audio market; Smart Sound Systems. It represents a refreshing shift in how to approach consumer audio design that aims to make a high fidelity listening experiences possible in all the spaces you spend time in, and your music accessible through all the devices you use on a daily basis.

For meaningful progress to be made in any field a community must be active and engaged behind a common goal. This is why we chose to open source stereOS, and why we're allowing other consumer audio manufacturers to implement the platform. It's our hope that our insatiable curiosity in the context of next generation audio systems is infectious. Our view is stereOS could be the event horizon for a great many innovations in consumer audio.

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Can you tell us if the "asynchronous" USB input on the Bricasti DAC is in house

developed, or licesend code?

Thank you.

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Sorry for the dealyed response - I was trying to get my report finished in a sort of timely manner before diving into the comments.

I will see if I can get in touch with Bricasti and let you know.

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Gracias Senor!

Much appreciated! Know you are busy!