Margules Mutable

Taking the all-one-one concept to a new level of all-in-onesness, the Margules Mutable Console Hi-Fi ($2500) houses a Bluetooth receiver, phono stage, Aux input, a 200Wpc class /A/B amp, and speakers. I admit that when the very kind person running the room asked me to play something from my phone, I froze in my tracks, days (and nights) of hi-fi'ing had taken their toll.

I hurriedly fumbled with my phone, and picked two of the worse-sounding tracks in the known history of recorded music to play back on this lovely looking console hi-fi. Eek! The kindness continued as I was encouraged to turn it up. Eek!! But you know what? The Margules Mutable Console Hi-Fi sounded damn good with my bad-sounding music and even better with non-bad-sounding music.