Manufacturer's Response

  1. Nikola is tuned with Nimitra against Esoteric/dCS/Emm Labs to make sure we didn’t miss important information from reference sources.
  2. Nikola will show its potentials better with good recordings, especially with good classical tracks for real live sound performance with very good analog vibes without digital glare effects.
  3. Matching voltage is very important for good transient dynamics and bass reproduction. I once calibrated voltage output in headphone amplifier before and less than 1V difference is like a night and day.
  4. For customers using Uptone LPS-1, they can replace SMPS with Nikola and get good results as some of our customers are using with LPS-1 too.
  5. You can also add that I'm open for custom order request to build linear power supply for specific product based on Nikola design. Some asked me to build 19V version with more output and XLR DC jack with additional charges.
And thank you again for you help in bringing Nikola project to light. It's not very cost effective product for manufacturer in audiophile business but I'd like to ship good power supply to help improving computer audiophile community. I don't mind selling a lot of Nikola to sms-200 and microRendu users as long as they can enjoy the music better. :)— Keetakawee Punpeng, Fidelizer Audio

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I've read others put the Sonore Signature Series Power Supply as the top of the heap, explaining the greater cost.

Have you tried the CiAudio VDC MKII power supplies? Given they are close in cost to the Nikola, it could make for an interesting comparison.

Also, I had a question on your Denali review.

Thank you for any answers and thoughts you can provide! :)