Manufacturer's Response

Thank you Michael for taking the time to evaluate and review the Cyrus XA Streamer / DAC (What Hi-Fi – 2014 Best Streamer £ 1000 - £ 1500).

It is worth mentioning that the USB connection on the rear of the unit also allows full connectivity and control of music stored on iOS devices.

Cyrus use an ABS compound base for the purposes of surrounding the electronics in a non-ferrous environment. Stamped steel wreaks havoc on delicate circuits, whereas the combination of aluminum and molded plastic, provides the best platform for housing and supporting the internal components as they avoid exaserbating environmental issues.

Also, with Cyrus components being built ‘upside down’ in comparison to how one would normally assemble a HiFi product, the base plate is merely a cover that meets fire code while having no impact on sound quality.

Thank you for this opportunity Michael.—Sheldon Ginn, Kevro International