Manufacturer's Response

Digibit greatly appreciates and the detailed Aria review as written by Michael Lavorgna. Aria is unique within our industry as an audio server because of its full feature set, its ease of use, and especially because Aria does not require a PC for operation of ANY regular feature. As a result, no PC knowledge or ownership is required to enjoy the Aria! Aria is very flexible as the owner is offered hardware options based on their own personal system needs. In addition to our “iaria” iPad control application, our Android app for Aria is coming in February. When the Aria is ordered without a DAC, the display window remains so that we can, at the owners request, upgrade the unit to include our PCM/DXD/DSD64/DSD128 DAC. The display window is then used to indicate sampling rate and file type. With our on line auto update, there is a new feature we are releasing next week that will allow the user to stream any content from the iPad (Spotify, Internet radio, Pandora, etc.) via Airplay. Our extended metadata field support is available for ANY genre, not only for classical. For full extension of all fields, some non-classical genres may need to be tagged manually. The support for extended fields allow intelligent search by filtering by 2 or more fields: example: search Beethoven (Composer) music performed by Barenboim (Soloist) , or "Blues"(Genre) for guitar (Instrument). Our sincere thanks for an objective review and for your continued support! — Juan Perez, CEO, Digibit Madrid