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I think some will ask about the difference about sMS-1000SQ and sMS-1000 since they look so same as like a twins, but the internal structure had totally changed, the new control board is based on much faster CPU and DDR3 RAM, SSD for OS and tX-USBexp for Audio grade PCI express USB 3.0 host card are applied to sMS-1000SQ. In simple word, sMS-1000SQ is not a same unit as sMS-1000 nor an upgrade unit, it is a totally new and different model from sMS-1000.

The main factor we can proudly announce is sMS-1000SQ has tX-USBexp which is the best qualified USB audio host card approved by many world-wide audiophiles, and plus, sMS-1000SQ could add the clock as an option to present the ultimate level of sound.

The music file can be transferred from your NAS system, external USB storage device or internal storage device(SSD or HDD). Also simply rip and save CDs to AIFF or FLAC and also capable of ripping DVD video once you add DVD ODD or Bluray video as an option.

The sPS-1000 simply offers rich and elegant sound with the increased resolution through the ultra low noise linear dc power, and also capable of tuning sound by different dc cables.

sMS-1000SQ offers 3 types output model, the standard is USB output based on tX-USBexp and another is USB output with Digital output(AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical) and the other is USB output with Analog output(Balanced, Unbalanced).

sMS-1000 SQ is the special music server & Player which can not be simply compared with others, it can present what the artist would like to play through the music.—SOtM


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Michael- I'm confused about the SB inface- does the SOtM run LMS? if not, how are you able to use the SB web interface?

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...the SOtM server runs Logitech Media Server.
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thanks Michael- do you know which version, and whether it's possible to upgrade? looks like it can function as both a SB server and a SB device?

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hi dear :)my name is May and I'm working for SOtM as a marketing manager, thank you for your interesting on sMS-1000SQ

Sorry, for such a late replay but answering on your question, I should be a yes man because, all is possible, it's possible to upgrade and can function as both a SB server and a SB device.

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Hi Michael,
We have an update news for sMS-1000SQ and I believe you will be happy to hear it as well.
Actually we've been under development the sMS-1000SQ based on Windows OS and got an idea to integrate the sMS-1000SQ and Roon after your review, our users also got inspiration from the review and asked us to be happened in real and they are willing to wait for it.
In current stage, we made running Roon on sMS-1000SQ, and available to playback but seems having some bugs and asked Room team to support us. If we can in earnest start the discussion with Roon, the only matter might be a time and of course we will try to expedite and make our valued and potential customers satisfied with us.

I will keep you updated the integration news.
And again, congratulation on 4th anniversary!

Wish you make a time to cover up tX-USBhubEX as one of valuable audio accessories in very near future and keep an eye on our mini server(a tentative name: sMS-200), it’s coming up with new design and features in a couple of months for sure!

Thank you :) May from SOtM

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Excellent review, Michael. Thank you. Can you comment on how the experience with this server compared against the Antipodes DX that you reviewed earlier this year and maybe even against the TotalDac Server you reviewed a while back?

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Hi all, here I brought the update news for Roon integration with sMS-1000SQ, this integration is currently available on sMS-1000SQ Windows ver., still we are under testing some points, so couldn't officially annouce its availability, but keep positng the news.

- Available windows OS on sMS-1000SQ -

Windows 7 (Support video device driver on 32 bit OS)
Windows 8.1 (Support video device driver on 32 bit OS)
Windows 10 (Unsupported video device driver)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (Unsupported video device driver)

- Available music player software on sMS-1000SQ Windows Ver.-

Under testing : Tidal, Qubuz, Soptify, WiMP, Audiophile Optimizer (Windows Server 2012 R2 only), Fidelizer, JPLAY

- Available video playback on sMS-1000SQ Windows Ver.-

Capable of playing video on Windows 7 & 8.1 32bit OS
Capable of playing with under 4 Gbyte video file
DVD& Blu-ray Media can cause an issue while playing.

Thank you!

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Here is the update news about 'Winodws Server 2012 R2 + Audiophile Optimizer on sMS-1000SQ', the programs below are working perfect with the combination.

- Tidal, Roonserver
- Logitech Media Server
- Foobar2000
- JRiver 20

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Here is the update news about sMS-1000SQ Windows version.
The test is based on 'Winodws Server 2012 R2 + Audiophile Optimizer', sMS-1000SQ Windows 7x32 bit and sMS-1000SQ Windows 8.1x32 bit.

The listed software below are working good on the above sMS-1000SQ Windows OS.

- Tidal, Roonserver
- Logitech Media Server
- Foobar2000
- JRiver 20, 21

Thank you.

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I have an sMS-1000u with which I am so happy that I'd consider upgrading to an SQ version. My unit of course uses VortexBox, but I would consider changing to Windows for the sake of sound quality even if it meant needing drivers for my DAC. In general, I prefer JRiver to LMS as a player if only because I prefer the interface and everybody's talking about Roon, but I haven't had too many issues with VortexBox other than that it sometimes fails to find my DAC. Given a choice, and primarily on the basis of sound quality, would SOtM recommend the VB version over the Windows?

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the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is the new way of music server based on Windows OS besides the original Linux OS based sMS-1000SQ.
In general sense, most Windows OS based servers provide lower sound quality in comparison with Linux OS based server but the diversified compatibility and program support, user friendly operation and such convenience functions have been attracted to secure wide popularity of Windows OS based servers.
And finally we can proudly announce the Windows OS based server which is not simply the same as the existing windows based servers on the market, our sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is unequaled and capable to playback the best sound quality among others.

Here are the points why sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is so special,
First, in order to enhance the weak of sound quality on Windows OS, the Audiophile Optimizer gaining popular favor from worldwide audiophiles is installed as a basic standard feature to secure the sound quality equivalent to Linux OS. The Audiophile Optimizer optimizes Windows OS and reproduces the highest sound quality by tuning OS. In short, SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is purified by Audiophile Optimizer
Second, the users can easily obtain the high quality internet streaming service via ROON program, and capable to build the multi-zone network audio system configuration up.
Third, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 OS can be installed as an option for those users desiring the common PC operation such as internet surfing, video playback and etc. With that, the sMS-1000SQ can be referred to Windows OS device, which is specialized in obtaining the high quality sound, allowing using of all functions on Windows OS based on the reputable sMS-1000SQ Hardware performance.
Fourth, sMs-1000SQ Windows Edition uses tX-USBexp with sCLK-series clock as the basic feature and allows external power to the USB audio port presenting the highest sound quality.
Plus, the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition allows using the internet streaming services like TIDAL or Qobuz, and common music playback programs like Foobar2000 and JRiver.
The sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition offers the best sound & technic as the original sMS-1000SQ does, both sMS-1000SQ series provide the most satisfied sound quality no matter what kinds of audio systems users may desire to build...

Hope this comment would help your decision.
Thank you :)

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The sCLK-series clock is not installed as a basic feature, it is an optional choice by users to take an advantage.

Thank you

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we should count down for the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition, it will be ready soon!