Making Movies

still from the upcoming horror film. all photo credits: Stephen Mejias

OK, not movies per se, rather video. Yesterday, Jana Dagdagan and Stephen Mejias visited the barn and me for a video session, the fruits of which will be a video tour of my system.

some collage bookmarks I made

Have you seen Jana's video profile of Herb Reichert?

When I did, I thought—holy shit! We can make good video! I've been reluctant to dive into video because I dread making shitty video and posting it on AudioStream. With the help of Jana and Stephen, I hope that our video(s) will be in the same ballpark of goodness as this wonder of my friend Herb.

Stay tuned.

Anton's picture

The Herb piece is the best audiophile video of all time, so no pressure!

Frank Hardly's picture

What's that funny smell in the air? Oh yah, the odure of self indulgence...
(by the way they look pretty cool)

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Objects which are used to hold one's place in a book.

That odor you re smelling is emanating from you, Frank. I just took a quick peak at some of your past comments here and this is clearly a trend for you. Try to indulge your less abrasive side when commenting on AudioStream.


Frank Hardly's picture

Oh boy. I probably knew I'd get schlonged for this. Sorry. I do enjoy your audio reviews and should have restrained the acerbic tone. As the great Bob Ross said: "its your world and you can do what you want". Now for some happy burnt umber.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
You may want to, you know, meditate on the reasons ;-)
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After seeing your collage-style bookmarks I am reminded of the work of a Sonoma, CA artist, Josef Szuecs. His record cover derived works evoke, perhaps, a kindred sensibility.

Kudos for your continued efforts to keep things fresh and interesting. And kudos to Jana for pushing the Stereophile family to remain relevant, interesting and (a missing quality in almost all audio sites) tasteful / design driven.



Michael Lavorgna's picture
...I thank you for the reference.

New energy is so refreshing and Jana has an abundance.


Brown Sound's picture

I really liked Herb's video and I am sure your video will be great, too. Jana seems to have a good eye.