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I'm a fan of MA Recordings' recordings as they combine a few of the things that I value and enjoy: a passion for discovery, a passion for music, and a passion for capturing those elements in a recording. Todd Garfinkle, MA's proprietor, travels the world in search of "provocatively creative musical statements", which he captures using two omni-directional microphones in acoustic settings. There's a reason why you'll hear MA Recordings from bands like Será una Noche at hi-fi shows but don't let that scare you. We're talking beautiful music recorded beautifully.

There are currently four download offerings on the MA website:

Mathias Landæus Trio: Opening (5.6 MHz DSD)
Opening features Mathias Landæus playing a Hamburg Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Palle Danielsson on acoustic bass, and Jon Fält on Drums. "In short, we have what we all feel is a great album, the result of mutual respect, intensive concentration and dedication to what each of us does best, CREATE. In case you haven`t noticed, while most of the tunes are Mathias` originals, he did bring two well known popular tunes from the 60`s "What a Wonderful World" made famous by Louis Armstrong in his vocal treatment of the same, and "Can`t Help Falling in Love" the popular Elvis adaptation of the 18th century French tune, "Plaisir d`Amour" written by Jean Paul Egide Martini."

Puente Celeste: Nama (5.6 MHz DSD)
From MA: "The title, "NAMA" was decided upon due to the sonic character of the record and the way it was minimally recorded (with MA`s two custom made microphones). Because the record possesses such an "immediate" and "raw" sonic presence, the group wanted to call the record "Crudo" which means "Raw" in Spanish. At the same time however, as the translation in English has a rather negative connotation ("Crude"), I suggested we use "Nama", the Japanese equivalent, which means both "Raw" and "Live" as well...

While the sound of "Nama" is "Raw", I have no reservations in affirming that, to the contrary, Puente Celeste COOK! Incessantly! The music is at once, beautiful, elegant, melodic, rhythmic and I must reiterate, COOKS like crazy! Even though it is RAW (not crude), I cannot recommend Puente Celeste`s music enough (!) and hope you will check it out soon. If not now, when??!!"

Será una Noche: Será una Noche (24/96)
If you haven't heard Será una Noche, you owe it to yourself to head on over to the MA website and give the sample tracks a listen. A tango album "which is by no stretch of the imagination a normal Tango record".

Here's Todd, "The results on Sera Una Noche are pretty fantastic, both sonically and musically! One of the things that I think made the recording sound as good as it does is the fact that the recording venue, Monasterio Gandara, is in the middle of nowhere and there is very little chance of noise from RF or external AC influences. To even more benefit is the fact that the AC power is 220Hz.

The 96kHz files have not been subjected to any audio processing whatsoever, Only the fades in and out of individual tracks were facilitated with Korg AudioGate software which is bundled with their MR-1, MR-1000 and MR-2000 recorders."

Será una Noche: La Segunda (24/176.4)
Here's Santiago Vazquez, the Co-Producer for both Será una Noche releases, "For the first 'Será una Noche' album (M052A), MA producer Todd Garfinkle and I discussed the concept of making an album in which tango coexisted with a fusion of other musical languages such as contemporary and ancient musics, Indian classical music, baroque music and free improvisation. It was to be fresh and, at the same time, traditional; sofisticated and perhaps even naive. Todd also suggested an instrumentation in which the bandoneon and violin (instruments very traditional to tango) would be complemented with harpsichord or indian sarod (instruments that have never been used in tango, and the players of which barely exist in Argentina). Everything would be recorded in a church, using only two omnidirectional microphones—the norm for MA—so the sound of the instruments would have to be balanced naturally by the musicians themselves, and in real time, meaning there would be no chance for later corrections."

The download process is old-school—send payment and you'll receive an email receipt with a link to your download.

Available from the MA Recordings website.

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it works. I ordered the Bach Variations that way. I have the Sera Una Noche on a DVD from Todd. It does sound fantastic. I like ordering them from Todd at shows as you gt a break on the prices.