MA Recordings and Woo Audio

Todd Garfinkle of MA Recordings and Woo Audio are way ahead of the headphone listening at shows curve. They've been plying their trade for years, offering up a number of listening stations where people can sample their wares including some of the sumptuous-sounding and musically delightful MA Recordings. If you've never heard any of Todd's CDs or high rez files including DSD delivered on DVD-ROM, you owe it to yourself to give some a listen.

There's always a crowd listening intently and I do have to wonder why more people aren't simply smiling at hi-fi shows. After all, sitting and listening to music isn't hard work even though covering hi-fi's shows is work for some of us (and hearing the same Louis Armstrong song about twenty times in as many rooms helps drive this point home). But if I were to make a list of things to frown about, listening to music wouldn't even make the top 100,000.