Luxman = Serious Listening

Stereophile's Stephen Mejias and On A Higher Note's Philip O'Hanlon shown enrapt by the Luxman DA200 ($2,790) DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp, Luxman M-200 Stereo Amplifier ($2,790), and Eclipse powered desktop speakers. The DA200 includes two line level analog inputs, two S/PDIF digital inputs (24/192), and a dedicated 24-bit/96kHz USB input.

OK I lied. It was the music coming out of the hi-fi from MA Recordings Será Una Noche that drew them in.

Stephen Mejias's picture

It sounded like the singer was whispering in my ear!

kenmac's picture

what was she whispering?

AudioDoctor's picture

Why did they put a USB input that only works up to 24/96? Is it Asynchronous?