Lovely Recordings: A New AudioStream Column

Yes, I changed the name from "Classic Recordings" to "Lovely Recordings". 'Classic' implied Classical and that's not what Lovely Recordings is meant to be. What it is meant to be is simply recordings that offer a combination of exceptional music and exceptional sound quality. Great music, great sound. Great, no?

Lovely Recordings is also going to be a group activity since that best represents reality. While I suppose it's fun to endlessly preach from on high, that's not reality and it's also not my style. What I'd love for this to become is a place where we all share those recordings that mean the world to us musically and sonically.

Here are the ground rules for submitting your Lovely Recordings:

  1. All selections should be complete albums.
  2. Submissions can be one great record or more (9 is a good number).
  3. A link to the available download for each pick.
  4. Every selection should be available as a legal download in at least CD quality (ideally, no MP3s).
  5. This is not intended to be a review. Rather what I'd ideally like to learn is why the recordings you select are important to you. I'm asking for stories.
  6. A brief bio, whatever aspect of same you feel is relevant to share.
  7. A picture of you! One or more. Ideally larger than 600px wide.
Please submit all Lovely Recordings to me at

That's it. Expect to see our first guest submission of Lovely Recordings Monday!